Hello Fresh: Honest Review (UK 2020)

Hello Fresh Honest Review

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Hello Fresh Honest Review

It seems like everyone is on the Hello Fresh wagon right now! This was a perfect excuse for me to try it, and post an honest review of Hello Fresh.

How Does Hello Fresh Work?

Hello Fresh is a food delivery service. Subscribers of Hello Fresh recieve meal kits via post and then they follow an easy recipe guide to create meals at home. Meal kit boxes typically include 3 to 4 recipes per week and cost between £30-£50(ish!).

Why is Everyone Talking About Hello Fresh All of a Sudden?

You may have noticed that recently, everyone is talking about Hello Fresh. This is particularly true on social media, where large-scale influencers, micro-influencers, your friends and even that girl you went to school with are posting about it.

Hello Fresh encourages subscribers to spread the word by offering money-off incentives for friends and family. So as a customer of Hello Fresh, I received a discount code that my friends and family could use. In turn, I would receive money off my next order if they use it.

This incentive is also widely used on social media. If you have a few thousand followers, encouraging even a small percentage of your followers to sign up could result in a lot of free dinners.

So, as Hello Fresh offers incentives to influencers and the general public who get people to sign up, I must admit that I took the majority of the positive reviews with a pinch of salt (pardon the pun). After all, if someone is being rewarded for getting others to subscribe, how can we trust that what they are saying is true?

As a money blogger and enthusiastic bulk meal prepper, I had previously thought that it seemed expensive compared to the meals I prepared at home. When I ordered, I was slightly cynical- but had a eight-week old baby and therefore, little time to cook. I signed up for three meals. The total cost of my order was a bargainous £14.99, using a sign-up discount code of £15.00.

Unboxing My Hello Fresh Order

Recieving a Hello Fresh order, I’ll admit, is pretty exciting. While you can check online in advance what meals you’re getting, I decided to keep it a surprise (as stated above, I had an infant and therefore, a grocery delivery box seemed surprise-worthy at the time!).

Bag of ingredients from Hello Fresh

Each meal comes in it’s own brown bag. The meat for all meals is kept separate, and chilled.

The majority of my order was recyclable, and the food was perfectly portioned.

It was a little mystery box of goodies. For someone who was previously surviving on ready meals, having exhausted my bulk cooking freezer stash, my Hello Fresh box was food equivalent of holding a Deal or No Deal box, wondering what I was about to win.

You can also check online in advance to see what meals are en route to you. I left it as a surprise (see above re. eight week old baby, therefore, unknown dinners have become an exciting concept).

What Did I Get in My Hello Fresh Box?

The meals I received were:

Herby chicken with red onion mash and garlicky beans

Herby beef burgers with potato wedges and tomato salad

Thai style pork with rice.

Each meal came with it’s own printed recipe card. The recipes were easy-to-follow, but I thought that a downloadable recipe card might be better for the environment.

The dishes were very easy to assemble, and completely delicious. The only complaint I have about the prep process is that these recipes tended to create a ton of washing up. As a girl who loves a one-pot wonder, an oven dish that houses a whole meal, or a bulk cooked meal that’s went straight from my freezer, to oven, to plate, having so much washing up put a dampener on the otherwise lovely dining experience.

Herby Chicken with Red Onion Mash and Garlicky Beans- Hello Fresh
Herby Chicken with Red Onion Mash and Garlicky Beans

Is Hello Fresh Worth the Hype?

I’ll admit, I ordered my Hello Fresh box with a degree of scepticism.

I really wanted to dislike the food. The money blogger in me had secretly hoped that the Hello Fresh was dire, and not worth the money.

But the truth is, I loved the food.

From the imaginative dishes that I wouldn’t have thought to make for dinner, to the simple recipe guide, to the perfectly portioned bag of food, my experience with Hello Fresh was delicious, easy and waste-free.

I was pleasantly surprised with Hello Fresh and would definitely order again, as a one-off. While the food is great, I don’t think I would rely on Hello Fresh week in, week out.

The reason for this is that the cost of Hello Fresh really starts to stack up over time. Once the discount codes run out, paying for Hello Fresh to plan and deliver your meals becomes seriously expensive.

Don’t believe me? Here’s the breakdown:

For example, Hello Fresh states that meals start from £3.44. Using this as a guide, three meals per week, for two, costs £1,073.28 per year.

The average batch cook comes in at about £1.50 per portion. So three batch cooked dinners, for two, per week costs £468.

That’s a saving of over £600 per year.

So as this is an honest review of Hello Fresh, I’ll say honestly that I don’t think I’ll be ordering regularly. The costs of using the service as a weekly subscription is too expensive. That being said, as a treat, perhaps I’ll order again. But for me, bulk cooking triumphs every time!

So Am I Coverted to Hello Fresh?

I’m sticking with bulk cooking. It’s cheaper, healthier and saves a ton of time overall. With bulk cooking, organisation is key. But in return for a little organisation, bulk cooking pays dividends.

BulkCookonaBudget.com is all about how to make good food for less. With that in mind, I feel that Hello Fresh subscribers pay a huge premium for the privilege of having their meals planned and portioned. Which is fine, if you have the money.

But right now, on the verge of a deeper recession than the 2008 crash, most of us are trying to cut our food bill. So rather than paying to outsource the drudgery of meal planning and shopping list-making, I’m going to give you my tips on how to get Hello Fresh-quality food at home.

How Can You Get Hello Fresh Quality For Less

  1. Avail of any discount codes out there. There are a ton of discounts to be had. If you want to use the service, apply the discounts to ensure you save when you buy.

2. Recommend the service to people who might be interested. When they use your sign-up code, you get credit for the service while they also get a joining discount. Here is my code for £20 off, and thank you if you use it.

3. Having tried Musclefood before (as part of gifted, and purchased, orders), I can highly recommend their fresh meat. While they offer similar make-it-at-home mealkits, Hello Fresh beat them hands down here, so stick to a Musclefood fresh meat order and prep it at home. Overall, if I had to choose between Hello Fresh and Musclefood, I would absolutely put my money into purchasing a ton of fresh meat with Musclefood and prepping at home. You will get so much more for your money.

4. Get organised. The whole reason I tried Hello Fresh was that I had a little baby, and had no family help due to lockdown. My freezer stash of bulk cooks had depleted, and it seemed like a great time to see what all the fuss was about with Hello Fresh.

That being said, the service puts a hefty premium on a little bit of organisation that anyone can easily do themselves. All you need is a meal plan, a quick trip to the supermarket, and to get cooking from scratch at home, for half the price. If you are wondering where to start, check out my dinner recipes here.

Hello Fresh Honest Review

Comment below and let me know what you thought of Hello Fresh. Are you a convert, or do you prefer to meal plan at home?

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