Chinese Curry Paste Recipe

Create your ultimate fakeaway at home with this easy Chinese Curry Paste recipe. One of my all-time favourite comfort food is a Chinese takeaway. So it was a no-brainer to try to recreate some takeaway dishes at home. I mastered homemade budget stir-fries and sauteed noodles while paying off debt. But I perceived from-scratch curry paste as too much work. I didn’t know the process, but it seemed like a… Read More »Chinese Curry Paste Recipe

Easy Lasagne Recipe Blog Image

Easy Lasagne Recipe: £0.96 per Serving

This easy recipe details how to make lasagne step-by-step, to fill your freezer with the best lasagne you’ll ever eat! Lasagne is the perfect dish to batch cook When I started my mission to cut my grocery spends in half, I became obsessed with batch cooking. Very quickly, I learned how to whip up several meals at once, saving lots of money, time and energy. Before learning how to make… Read More »Easy Lasagne Recipe: £0.96 per Serving

My Budget Version of Pulled Pork: £1 per Portion

Pulled pork is one of my all time favourite treat meals. I’ve been making it for a few years now and I’m always surprised at how expensive the ready made versions are. Made at home, pulled pork is already the perfect budget meal. Even though this is a budget version of pulled pork, it’s as good as any ready made equivalent. The key to making amazing pulled pork is cooking… Read More »My Budget Version of Pulled Pork: £1 per Portion

Homemade Budget Pizza Dough – £0.13 per Portion

Pizza is life. So when we started tackling our debt, we kicked our weekly £25 takeaway pizza habit in favour of homemade pizza. When I first made pizza, I found the thought of making homemade pizza dough daunting. So I opted for a box of pizza dough mix that I just needed to add water to. It was cheap, maybe £1.50 per box for 2 large pizzas. But then people… Read More »Homemade Budget Pizza Dough – £0.13 per Portion

Budget Friendly Chicken & Bacon Pie: £1.27 per Portion

Pie is one of my all-time favourite comfort food dinners. In my opinion, there are two problems with supermarket ready made pies. They can be really expensive, and pretty unhealthy. Before tackling my debt, I had it in my head that making a pie was a massive ordeal, faffing about with homemade pastry and slow-cooking fillings for hours, and this is all before even baking the actual pie. When I… Read More »Budget Friendly Chicken & Bacon Pie: £1.27 per Portion