roasted sweet potato and pepper spoon-led weaning recipe

Roasted Sweet Potato and Pepper Puree Spoon-Led Weaning Recipe

Looking for an easy spoon-led weaning recipe? My Roasted Sweet Potato and Pepper spoon-led weaning recipe takes 1 hour to make 10 portions for only £0.19 per portion! My baby, Leon, is at the seven months mark and the time is flying in! We are really enjoying letting him try new flavours and textures, but not as much as he’s enjoying it. He loves his food and I’m really keen… Read More »Roasted Sweet Potato and Pepper Puree Spoon-Led Weaning Recipe

Chinese Curry Paste Recipe

Create your ultimate fakeaway at home with this easy Chinese Curry Paste recipe. One of my all-time favourite comfort food is a Chinese takeaway. So it was a no-brainer to try to recreate some takeaway dishes at home. I mastered homemade budget stir-fries and sauteed noodles while paying off debt. But I perceived from-scratch curry paste as too much work. I didn’t know the process, but it seemed like a… Read More »Chinese Curry Paste Recipe

Chicken and Butternut Squash Weaning Recipe Blog Image

Chicken and Butternut Squash Weaning Recipe

A quick, easy and super cheap weaning recipe for Chicken and Butternut Squash. Perfect for feeding your baby in a hurry! Before my baby was born, I had all these hopes that he was going to eat freshly prepared food. That I would have a ton of time to prep his meals. I had visions of leisurely cooking meals, all while he slept cosily, his cooing noises trickling through the… Read More »Chicken and Butternut Squash Weaning Recipe

Hello Fresh Honest Review

Hello Fresh: Honest Review (UK 2020)

It seems like everyone is on the Hello Fresh wagon right now! This was a perfect excuse for me to try it, and post an honest review of Hello Fresh. How Does Hello Fresh Work? Hello Fresh is a food delivery service. Subscribers of Hello Fresh recieve meal kits via post and then they follow an easy recipe guide to create meals at home. Meal kit boxes typically include 3… Read More »Hello Fresh: Honest Review (UK 2020)

Easy Lasagne Recipe Blog Image

Easy Lasagne Recipe: £0.96 per Serving

This easy recipe details how to make lasagne step-by-step, to fill your freezer with the best lasagne you’ll ever eat! Lasagne is the perfect dish to batch cook When I started my mission to cut my grocery spends in half, I became obsessed with batch cooking. Very quickly, I learned how to whip up several meals at once, saving lots of money, time and energy. Before learning how to make… Read More »Easy Lasagne Recipe: £0.96 per Serving

easy banana bread muffin recipe

Banana Bread Muffins: 16p Per Muffin

When life hands you bananas, make banana bread muffins with this easy recipe It’s been almost three years since we started trying to cut our food budget. So naturally, I’ve been working on making sure we waste as little as possible. And early on, we discovered that making banana bread is the best way to use up overripe bananas. Or is it? A few months ago, we started thinking, what… Read More »Banana Bread Muffins: 16p Per Muffin

Slow Cooker Beef Brisket Burrito Bowls- £1.69 per Portion

There are few things more satisfying than slow cooked meat. And right at the top of the pile is beef brisket. Slower cooker beef brisket is the ultimate comfort food. When we first started paying off debt, I found that eating lunch out was one of our biggest budget downfalls. Whether it was grabbing an uninspiring prepackaged sandwich on lunch break, or treating ourselves to something from the deli on… Read More »Slow Cooker Beef Brisket Burrito Bowls- £1.69 per Portion

My Budget Version of Pulled Pork: £1 per Portion

Pulled pork is one of my all time favourite treat meals. I’ve been making it for a few years now and I’m always surprised at how expensive the ready made versions are. Made at home, pulled pork is already the perfect budget meal. Even though this is a budget version of pulled pork, it’s as good as any ready made equivalent. The key to making amazing pulled pork is cooking… Read More »My Budget Version of Pulled Pork: £1 per Portion

Cajun Chicken Quinoa Salad Boxes On A Budget: £1.27 per Portion

When I first started meal planning, I only planned out dinners for the week. And even though we saw a decrease in the cost of groceries by organising our meals, the game changed when I started planning breakfast and lunches, too. Suddenly, we saw a huge drop in our weekly food spends. Previously, I bought lots of vague possibilities for breakfasts and lunches, which would then sit, unused, in the… Read More »Cajun Chicken Quinoa Salad Boxes On A Budget: £1.27 per Portion