About me

About Me

Hi and welcome to Bulk Cook on a Budget! My name is Grainne, and I live in Belfast with my husband Ryan, our son Leon and dog Jesse.

Back in July 2017, my husband and I gave ourselves a goal: to pay off our unsecured debt of £16,000 in one year. Since then, my story took off, helping me to gain a following on social media and through my blog, WannaBe DebtFree. I’ve been featured in several media outlets, such as the MailOnline and the Mirror, and given interviews with That’s Life magazine and RTE’s 2FM. I’ve been lucky enough to share my story, and connected with many others who want to get out of debt, too. In March 2019, I released my book, How to Get Out of Debt, which details my strategy to get out of unsecured debt once and for all.

We achieved our goal in July 2018, finishing off the year with an entirely different perspective on our finances than the one we started with. During that year, we transformed our lives, going from a lifestyle that was centred around spending to a more simpler, content existence. We learned to budget and manage our money, prioritising the things that are important to us and cutting out those that didn’t add value to our lives. While every area of our lives looks completely different now to when we started, the biggest transformation is around how we cook and eat.

I started bulk cooking when I realised we needed our grocery budget to go a little further in order to make huge debt repayments every month. Before this, I followed lots of accounts on Instagram that we also paying off debt, with many of them living off rice and beans to reach their financial goals. But I knew this could never work for our household; we like to eat healthily, with variety in our meals, and we really enjoy food. We are a family that centres life around the dinner table, enjoying a home-cooked meal together so were never going to survive on beans on toast to reach our financial goal. At the same time, we couldn’t afford to go back to paying a premium for convenience food and ready meals without sacrificing our debt payoff.

That’s when I turned to bulk cooking. We quickly learned that bulk cooking was the way for us to save money by buying in bulk and prepping lots of meals at once. It gave us all of the convenience of ready meals, without the cost (and salt!). Not only financial beneficial, we realised we saved a ton of time by cooking several portions at once. When we started getting our evenings back by swapping prepping dinner every night from simply heating up something that we bulk cooked at the weekend, we were hooked. Bulk cooking is not only the best way to slash your grocery bill, but it saves time and energy, too.

Now that we have a baby, bulk cooking has become an obsession. Bulk cooking allows us to swap time spent in the kitchen cooking and clearing up in the evenings, for quality time with our little one. My aim is to nourish my family with the best food I can cook, without breaking the bank, and be able to enjoy it with them. Bulk cooking is the key.

So where am I now? Right now, I’m on maternity leave and making my maternity pay stretch further by bulk cooking, and budgeting.

I’d love to hear from you so please get in touch here if you have any comments or want to ask any questions. Thanks for reading and looking forward to hearing from you 🙂