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Hello and welcome to Bulk Cook on a Budget!

My name is Grainne and I live in Belfast with my family. Three years ago, I gave myself a goal to pay off £16,000 of debt in one year and ever since then, my life has been transformed. I’ve now paid off my debt and now my aim is to use my experience to inspire others to get out of debt and use their money to create a lifestyle they love. Since getting out of debt, I have released my book, ‘How to Get Out of Debt’, created the WannaBeDebtFreeUK.com blog, and I am very active on Instagram, where I post about my financial life (and daily musings!).

Since getting out of debt, life has become pretty hectic! So I’ve developed a love of batch cooking as a way to save money and time and still eat the food I love. Read more about me and my journey here.

Why bulk cook?

If you are short on time, money and energy, but want to eat well, bulk cooking is the answer!

Before I tackled my debt, we spent around £500 per month on food, including takeaways and eating out. Nowadays, we spend less than half that, all thanks to bulk cooking! Bulk cooking allows you to enjoy the convenience of a ready meal, because you can make several portions at once and whip them out of the fridge or freezer when you are ready to eat. Read more about the benefits of bulk cooking here.

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